Monday, 27 January 2014

Do not fool us anymore..!!

There was a time when India was ruled by eminent men such as Lord Rama when subjects proudly claimed this country as Rama Rajya. He had a stature and all the virtues of God. It was then when other nations derived inspiration from Rama Rajya to frame and adopt a better governance model. While we proudly claim the existence of holy book of Ramayana encompassing the Governance model, what happened to this Rama Rajya? What happened to all those great virtues that we Indians claim to posses? Every morning I wake up to see our own politicians looting the country leaving poor no choice but to starve to death.

They have been deploying the innocence of common man. They succeeded in the past but not anymore. I laugh at the foolishness of politicians for they are still under the impression that they can fool people; Instead, they are being foolish. Wake up you scum bags..!! India has grown impatient at your heinous acts. You see Aam Aadmi rising and still don't understand that you need to change? Oh yes it is true that old habits die hard; so if this is what you want to prove, get ready to retire from the game. What we need today is not "Congress mukt Bharat" but "Ploticians mukt Bharat". It is unfortunate to realize how the word "Politician" is assuming more of a negative meaning than its literal meaning. More often it is associated with people like "Shakuni" than administrators. Gandhiji didn't build congress with an intention to fill it with politicians; He wanted to fill it with able administrators and He has failed his purpose.

While it is surprising to know about burglary in Hyderabad,  it is not surprising to know that it was an act by common man like all of us to teach a lesson to politicians..!! "I loot during the night without the knowledge people, while politicians loot in broad daylight. In a way, I'm much better than these politicians". Can there be more humiliation than this? Any human being with a little bit of shame would pledge to change; but not politicians for they know no shame.

We still claim and continue to claim with a lot of pride "India is the biggest democracy in the world". What we don't realize is that, it is no big deal..!! True achievement lies in running this democratic nation which we have failed. There is no reason why we should be taking pride in Indian governance model.

It is not just politicians who are committing mistakes, it is we common men who are letting them commit mistakes. Wake up people, unless you get your hands dirty, you can never clean this mess..!! What all of us need to do is to start cleaning the streets..!! Though this seem to be happening with the rise of Aam Aadmi, we should not stop at this stage unless we have "Politicians mukt Bharat" we need able administrators and not politicians.

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