Sunday, 26 January 2014

What does it take to be different?

Being different is one of the toughest things in ones life. While some people quit not being able to bear its repercussions, others quit for they start trusting in their parents/friends words more than themselves. There are these few who take it as their obligatory duty to make a difference for they understand that it is never possible to clean the bloody mess without getting their hands dirty. While all of us want a better and happy life, none of us are ready to do what it takes to have one..!!

In India, where parents decide everything from their children's dress to their profession, where is a way to get ahead and do what we want really want to? Accept the fact that convincing them of your choice is the first barrier that you face. While parents are not wrong with their concern for you, they are most often wrong while they judge your capabilities. It is your primary duty to convince them of your capabilities and make them understand that you have what it takes to create a difference. "You cannot work in Infosys like your elder brother does", "You cannot purchase Swift Dzire like your uncle's son does" for you are born to build a new Infosys..! You are born to purchase Mercedez Benz..! Do not simply accept if they ever try to trade off your dreams for a safer future. Know that you shall reign tomorrow if not today; And you shall reign to that extent when your elder brother shall quit Infosys to support you finding that your philosophy for life is more powerful and stable than a permanent job at Infosys.

Very often being different results in loss of friends and family. Even if they stay neutral at you decisions, they look at you as a criminal if you fail to achieve what you really want to. How often have we not heard this "I told earlier not to do this. You did and see the consequence!" Give a blind ear all such statements. Realize that it is better to regret the loss due to your decision than to regret that fact you always lived some one else's life without caring for yourself..!! In the process you might loose quite a few friends and relatives. But if it is true that what you stand for is better than what is accepted by society, you will end up having people look through your eyes and letting them realize how beautiful your world is. 

I have always had few friends to support me and be around me. While I admit that I cannot get along well with everyone, I feel good to claim that those a few around me never let me feel down. I always have a good feeling thinking how these few handful of friends make me feel so good and lively. I realize that I'm choosy, but I'm good at what I choose. These friends are for life and not just for having fun. They are more like my family than my friends. While I definitely suggest you to have as many such friends as possible, I would never dishearten you by calling you an outlawed person if you have fewer. Lesser the number of people you have with you, lesser is the energy you might have to spend convincing them of your philosophy of life.

It takes courage to be different and be proud you have it. Never feel low if you fail at your ventures, for you know you tried but you failed rather than those ordinaries who never give it a try. They rather sit back and criticize you without understand the difficulties you face while you craft a new world. Understand that these people are very weak and they cannot afford to swim against the tide while you can..!! Never underestimate your capabilities. 

Never let somebody tell you cannot do something. Not even your parents. You are capable and you know it!! Believe in yourself more than you do in your parents and any other person for that matters in this world. Live your dreams!

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